restores, restoring, restored
1) VERB To restore a situation or practice means to cause it to exist again.

[V n] The army has recently been brought in to restore order...

[V n] As they smiled at each other, harmony was restored again...

[V n] The death penalty was never restored.

Derived words:
restoration [[t]re̱stəre͟ɪʃ(ə)n[/t]] N-UNCOUNT usu N of n

His visit is expected to lead to the restoration of diplomatic relations...

They were committed to the eventual restoration of a traditional monarchy.

2) VERB To restore someone or something to a previous condition means to cause them to be in that condition once again.

[V n to n] We will restore her to health but it may take time...

[V n to n] He said the ousted president must be restored to power...

[V n] His country desperately needs Western aid to restore its ailing economy.

Derived words:
restoration N-UNCOUNT usu N of n

I owe the restoration of my hearing to this remarkable new technique.

3) VERB When someone restores something such as an old building, painting, or piece of furniture, they repair and clean it, so that it looks like it did when it was new.

[V n] ...experts who specialise in examining and restoring ancient parchments.

[V-ed] ...the beautifully restored old town square.

Derived words:
restoration plural N-VAR

I specialized in the restoration of old houses...

The bones were `mislaid' during the seventeenth-century restorations.

4) VERB: usu passive If something that was lost or stolen is restored to its owner, it is returned to them. [FORMAL]

[be V-ed to n] The following day their horses and goods were restored to them...

[be V-ed] The looted property was restored and the chargé d'affaires was told that the soldiers responsible had been arrested.


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